Water Park & Spa

Our relaxing spa & sauna complex has 9 different pools and 9 saunas!

Our Water park

The water center of Braavo Spa Hotel offers something pleasant to everyone. The water center is divided into two sections:

Sports section and recreation section.

The sports section has 4 pools for various training courses, starting from the age of 4 months.

  • The double-track 25 meter pool is available for swimming and also for water aerobics training and adult swimming courses.
  • The Libero pool is intended for baby swimming – it’s a good opportunity for parents to spend some quality time with their little ones.
  • The children’s pool is a place for children to freely play and enjoy water.
  • The sports pool is used for children’s swimming courses for ages 4-11 years. Experienced trainers teach your child the basics of swimming.


For relaxation, the water center offers you: a counter current stream, bubble baths, waterfalls, a cold water pool.

Sauna pleasures are offered by a heat sauna and a Japanese sauna.

(The heat sauna is open Mon-Fri 17:00-22:00 and Sat-Sun 8:00-22:00). Locker rooms also have an infrared sauna and a heat sauna.

Be it cold season or hot season, you can always enjoy an outdoor pool.

Hotel guests are entitled to free use of the water center  every day (06:00 – 10:00).

The water center is open to everyone at 06:00-22:00.

Visitors use the water center under their own responsibility. Please read the internal regulations before entering. The hotel reserves the right to choose clients for the water center. Anyone with alcohol intoxication will not be allowed to enter the water center!

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the water center!

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