Internal rules

The sports club is open every day from 06.00 to 22.00

The water center is open every day from 06.00 to 22.00

– The gym closes half an hour before the closing of the club. Tickets for the water center are issued until 21:00.
– Pre-registration is required for group training of the club.
– Please keep the club premises clean and tidy.
– Please use indoor footwear on the club premises.
– It is prohibited to be in the gym barefoot and with a bare upper body.
– Smoking and consumption of alcohol are not allowed on the club premises.
– Please tidy up the training place after the training in the gym and in group training.
– It is mandatory to use a training towel during training.
– Boxing equipment must not be hit with the bare hand in the boxing hall.
– The sports club is not responsible for injuries sustained during training.
– The sports club is not responsible for the health condition of the participant in the training process.
– Athletes attending the club who are not members of the club must present an identity document.
– The club administration is not responsible for valuables and personal belongings left in the locker room.
– The club has the right to change the opening hours of the club in exceptional cases.
– To enter the water center, you must obtain a towel and a wristband from the administrator. The wristband ensures entry to and exit from the club.
– When acquiring a wristband, all visitors to the water center confirm that they have sufficient physical abilities, skills, and health to use the services provided.
– The responsibility for the skills and health of children lies upon their escorts.
– Children under the age of 14 can only visit the swimming pool when accompanied by an adult (18 years old).
– Before going to the pool, you have to wash by taking off your swimwear beforehand.
– All swimmers, including infants, are required to wear swimwear. The use of the water center in shorts and underwear is prohibited.

– For long hair, wear a swimming cap or braid the hair tight.
– A swimming cap is mandatory for children’s swimming courses.
– If you have any questions or problems, please contact the administrator.
– You have to move calmly in the water center; running on a wet floor endangers the health of you and other visitors.
– Follow the signs and markings when moving around the house.
– At the water center, pay close attention to training and group lessons, do not swim in their pools. Follow right-hand traffic when swimming on the lanes.
– Wash in the shower before going to the sauna.
– Use a towel for sitting on the sauna bench.
– Only use hot water to throw on the heater in the steam sauna. Throw the water on dry stones and in moderation, taking into account other sauna users.
– Broken inventory must be paid for according to the price list of Hotel Braavo or the actual costs of restoring the respective item.
РThe wristband qualifies you for using the services of the café located in the water center. The visitor pays the amount spent at the checkout when leaving the water park.
– It is forbidden to consume your own alcohol in the water center and locker rooms. Fine 100 euros.
– The club administrator has the right not to allow intoxicated people into the club.

At the water center:
– do not run because the wet floor may be slippery.
– do not smoke.
– do not jump into the water from the sides of the pool as you may slip.

The internal rules of the club were approved by the minutes of the board of the club on December 20, 2021. Updated 10.04.2022.

– Hotel guests are required to follow and adhere to the hotel’s rules of procedure.
– Hotel guests are required to complete registration cards online or upon arrival.
– Accommodation is paid for in advance at check-in.
– The hotel has the right to ask for credit card details and a personal identification document.
– The guest of the customer of the hotel must register at the hotel reception or online.
– The guest must leave the customer’s room no later than 23:00. The penalty for violation of the rule is 150 euros.
– Smoking is strictly forbidden in the rooms (including the bathroom). The penalty for violation of the rule is 50 euros.
– The guest shall treat the hotel property prudently. An invoice for broken furniture and  fittings will be presented according to acquisition cost.
– Parking is chargeable.
– Pets are not allowed.

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