We have 9 different pools and 7 saunas

The Braavo Hotel includes a Reval-Sport spa and water center. There is an abundant selection of activities for visitors of all ages and preferences. The water center is mainly divided into two parts: sports and relaxation.

The sports section includes four swimming pools of different sizes, where you can practice various water exercises from the age of 4 months.
– The two-lane 25-meter pool can be used for swimming, group workouts, or swimming lessons for children and adults.
– Libero infant pool offers swimming lessons for babies and toddlers and allows parents to spend quality time with their little ones safely and comfortably. The water temperature in the pool is 32 degrees, and the water depth is 1.1-1.20 m.
– In the children’s pool , children can freely frolic with various water toys and enjoy moving around in the water. The fountains in the pools offer extra joy and playfulness.
– The Sports pool offers swimming lessons for children from 4 to 11 years old. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, your child will learn the basics of swimming. Outside of training, the pool is open for independent practice.


-Finnish sauna
-Steam sauna
-Salt sauna
-Wood heated sauna
-Japanese sauna
-Infrared sauna

Ask the administration for the opening hours of the sauna!

The relaxation area offers enjoyment and spa pleasures both indoors and outdoors. Indoors you will find a swimming pool with a directional water flow, indoor hot tubs and a swimming pool, various hydromassage equipment, waterfalls, a cold-water pool, and a water bar. In addition, the spa area includes 7 different saunas: Infrared sauna, steam sauna, wood-heated sauna (works according to the schedule), sanarium, Japanese sauna, salt sauna and steam sauna. Outdoors, a year-round hot tub awaits you, and the sun terrace in the courtyard is open in summer.

For relaxation:

-Counterflow falls
-Underwater water massage
-Massage chairs
-Hot and cold water pools

Use of the spa and water center is free for guests of Braavo Hotel every day from 06:00-22:00.

Salt sauna

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